Sell or Be Sold

Sell or Be Sold is the title of a book by Grant Cardone. You could say that selling is a competition which is why it makes sense for this blog. However, the best sales people see it not just as a competition but also a chance for win-win solutions and a way to help other people.

Sales is Life and Life is Sales

Don’t stop reading because you don’t have anything to do with sales. That is a key point in the book. His point is that selling is key to every aspect of life.

Children negotiate with their parents and husbands with wives. You sell yourself when looking for a raise or a new job, or funding for a company or funding for scientific research. You are selling yourself when you are trying to date a man or a woman and even just in making and keeping friends. And if you want to be a leader or have a cause that you are trying to promote, it essential that you know how to communicate and bring people to your point of view and follow you. That can all be considered sales or selling.


Most people think of commissions as monetary in nature but Grant Cardone points out that there is actually a wide variety of things that can be considered commissions. A raise or promotion is a commission although that usually also includes money. However, recognition for a job well done can feel really good as a commission even without monetary compensation. Getting people to agree to a project you want, or even making new friends could be considered a commission.

He considers things like health to be a commission for taking care of yourself, and happiness, a good home, security, love to be commissions for hard work put into friends, family, work, etc.

More examples of Selling in Everyday Life

How about an actress who wants a part, someone who wants a raise, a PTA president trying raise funds or likewise a committee at a church. Or, when you go to the bank to get a loan, negotiate with someone to buy or sell a house.

The point is that it is easy to say you aren’t a salesperson and don’t need to know anything about sales and negotiation. But, if you want to be successful and happy, it might be a good idea to learn something about sales. More on this interesting book later.

Welcome to Waterford Badminton

Welcome to our blog, Waterford Badminton. We will be talking about competition, from sports to business or wherever. Seems like a strange name. Waterford is kind of random, but badminton is not. Most people think badminton is a wimpy sport where you dink a birdie over the net. Wrong.

One of our writers went on a date to play squash. All the courts were filled, so while they were waiting she suggested they play badminton because the court was free. She ran his ass off. The official net isn’t as high as most people set it up so you can drive the birdie and not dink it. Turns out she was on the varsity badminton team in college. When they then went to play squash it actually seemed slow compared to badminton. It was then that he realized that any sport played well is really difficult and requires a lot of skill even if it at first seems silly and simple.

So here is to the world of competition and performing at high levels.